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Property is my main passion; I have been exposed to the industry from a young age and have always been fascinated. One of my favourite things from my childhood was when my father would take me through to a building site that he was working on, seeing a property being built from the ground up always seemed special to me. This mixed with my love for interacting with clients, makes being a Property Practitioner my dream job.

I studied Property and Finance at the University of Cape Town after 5 years I managed to obtain my Honours for both degrees. As a result, I am well versed from a technical standpoint in Property and Finance. I come from a Portuguese upbringing and have always strived to be hard working.

In the past I have been involved in Industrial Property in Airport Industrial, Killarney Gardens and Paarden Eiland. I have shifted my focus to Residential Property in the Southern Suburbs, an area which have lived in for 19 years and know well.

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